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islandrecords @wearethevamps serenading the office today 

islandrecords @wearethevamps serenading the office today 

@radiodisney BREAKING NEWS! @TheVampsband are our new “N.B.T.” featured artist! Congrats guys! #RDExclusive
BREAKING NEWS! are our new “N.B.T.” featured artist! Congrats guys!


The Vamps talk first date dress code and loads of other style stuff: “Whar the hell’s pleather?’ (Interview for SugarScape)

The Vamps have got their fingers in all the pies at the moment, haven’t they? Not content with being off on tour pretty much 24/7, nabbing themselves a number two album with Meet The Vamps and doing that snazzy Westfield gig for us, they’ve now plastered their faces all over a range for Claire’s. Hoorah.

Yup - Brad, Tristan, Connor and James were properly mobbed as they caused carnage at the flagship store on London’s Oxford Street t’other day - and we took our lives into our own hands and braved the crowd of you crazy critters to get all the goss from the boys.


Yup - we thought we’d find out just how much the lads actually know about style, given their new venture into the world of fashwaaan. Basically the whole thing involved us being shoved in a stock room with them (IT WAS THE ONLY SAFE PLACE) for precisely 5 minutes and 2 seconds and it went a little bit like this:

Hey lads. Right, so let’s ignore the fact the police are actually involved in this whole mobbing situation and talk about your range. What’s the deal?

Tristan: Well we’ve been wearing Claire’s for a while now…

Brad: We love the sparkles, they bring out the colour of Tristan’s eyes.

James: Oh wait - you mean our range, don’t you? We just thought it was a lot of fun, you know?

We do indeed, James. Is it gonna be a bit weird seeing people wearing masks of your actual faces, though?

Brad: That is a bit weird, yeah.

Tristan: I was freaked out a little bit…

Connor: It’s kinda creepy.

James: Yeah, like…the eyes.

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wearethevamps Can’t wait for our tourrrrrrrrr!! 

wearethevamps Can’t wait for our tourrrrrrrrr!! 

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Aperture: f/5.6
Exposure: 1/160th
Focal Length: 144mm

More photos of Brad and Connor at the meet and greet in Reading’s HMV x

Hundreds of excited fans meet The Vamps in Reading’s HMV

Two members one of the country’s hottest boy bands as they held an in-store signing of their debut album Meet the Vamps.

Teen heartthrobs The Vamps finally made it to HMV in Reading town centre to greet fans after their last scheduled appearance was cancelled because of illness.

Hundreds of excited youngsters got the chance to meet two members one of the country’s hottest boy bands as they held an in-store signing of their debut album Meet the Vamps, which was released on April 16, and was just pipped to the UK number one album spot by Paolo Nutini.

Brad Simpson and Connor Ball, both 18, were originally booked to attend the signing in January but had to pull out as Brad fell ill.

Formed in 2012, the teenage four-piece band have released three singles all of which reached the top three in the UK charts, with current single Last Night peaking at number two.

Having supported the likes of Taylor Swift, The Wanted, McFly and Selena Gomez, the guys have just announced their first headline tour, which kicks off in September, including two dates at London’s Hammersmith Apollo.

Tickets for the tour will go on sale this Saturday at 10am, and the band will also be appearing at a number of festivals across the summer, including British Summer Time at Hyde Park and the Isle of Wight Festival.


The Vamps’ James McVey to followers: ‘It upsets me to hear people saying others aren’t real fans’

Guitarist James McVey, of The Vamps fame, has called for his band’s fanbase to stop bickering about who is a real fan and who isn’t. 

Writing on his official Twitter page earlier this afternoon (April 19), the heartthrob explained that not everyone can afford to attend every gig or purchase every item of merchandise, and the animosity needs to stop because anyone who supports their music is great in their opinion:

"It upsets me when people say others aren’t ‘real fans’. Every person who comes to an event, promotes our music or even tells us they like our music is equal in my eyes. You can’t help or change when you discover music, and not everybody has the money to come to everything or buy merch/CDs."

McVey then stressed that The Vamps are all so grateful for their fans’ constant support, adding: “Thanks so much to EVERYONE who likes our music, we love you all.”

Earlier this week, the ‘Wild Heart’ sensation told Britain’s The Mirror newspaper that he gets really overwhelmed at signings and meet and greet events because the amount of people that show up is unbelievable: “We love meeting fans, but sometimes I’m petrified about not knowing what to expect when you walk out the door at big signing events. The other day the screams were so loud they made me feel a bit sick.”


Pictures from Ebony Day’s instagram x